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Sutars Soldiers Motorcycle Club Worldwide
Who Are We?
We  are Brothers.  We are Bikers.  We come from all walks of life and every  profession.  We Ride, we party, we laugh, we grieve, we take care of  our Brothers, Old Ladies, and families, and we still have time to take care  of those in our communities that need our help.  Sutars Soldiers MC host and participate in charity events for the good of their  communities and for the good of individuals in need.  If you read our  guestbook, you’ll see countless entries of citizens, business owners,  and supporters who have witnessed the generosity and giving of time the Sutars Soldiers MC has had a part in sharing.  We are sometimes in the local news for  these events and at other times, only the recipients know.  We don’t do  it for headlines – we do it because it’s the right thing to do.
What  are Brothers? A Brother of the Sutars Soldiers MC is someone who Places a Brother’s  Needs Before His Own Wants, He is a chosen family member who we respect and love. What  are Bikers?  A Biker is not simply someone who rides a motorcycle but  rather, someone who lives a lifestyle.  Someone who can’t get enough of  being in the wind and exploring the miles on two wheels rather than  being confined to a cage (car).  Someone who’s thinking about and caring  for his Brothers every day of his life. And someone who has that innate  desire for true American Freedom granted us by our Forefathers and the  Constitution of the United States to go where we want, gather with whom  we want and where we want, and dress how we want. We Respect every other  citizen and their right to make the choices of what club they belong to and what colors they wear and, without fear or apology, we demand that  they give the same to us. And yes, there are times we have a run-in with  someone who doesn't give us that same respect but that’s life in  America, where there are good people and bad people, but we will always  do the right thing and take the high road.  
So  that’s a small start of a conversation of Who We Are.  We are the Sutars Soldiers MC.  We are in nearly every state in the US. So if  you see us out, come over and say hello.  If you’re missing something in  your life, own a bike, and wish to get to know us better because you  may be interested in Brotherhood for yourself, hang around and get to  know us better.  
Sutars Soldiers MC World Wide
Phone 724-691-4567
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